Trades of Terra Norma

Episode Three, Prelude

And They Shall Reap the Whirlwind

Jungle planet by zip it.png

The Farmer’s Daughter cruises toward the Obsita System‘s lone terrestrial planet (also named Obsita). Each day the half-illuminated face grows larger in the ship’s window, and within a few days, the crew can start to pick out surface features. The yellowish hue of Obsita’s ammonia-heavy atmosphere blurs its finer details, but even through the haze, the crew can see a sprawling carpet of lush green jungles, broken up only by a planet-wide network of intertwining rivers.

The crew debates which to visit first: the orbital station, or planet-side bunker. But when the ship reaches primary sensor range, they are unable to locate the station. At first they are puzzled, but a probable solution appears when the planet rotates to reveal an ugly—and uncharted—black gash across the green surface. Refusing to chalk this apparent impact up to coincidence, the crew reasonable concludes that the research station met a cataclysmic end shortly before their arrival.

With their choice made for them; the Farmer’s Daughter enters a decaying orbit, smoothly descending into Obsita’s thick atmosphere, on an approach vector to the planet-side Axxon Research laboratory.

P jungle cockpit



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