Obsita System

Crossroads Sector
Terran Commonwealth, §

The virtually uninhabited Obsita System has little to recommend it. For centuries, the entirety of this system’s spacefaring activity in this system consisted of pilots jumping in to skim fuel from one of the system’s gas giants, en route to more attractive destinations (such as the nearby Flamsteed or Koschei IV Systems).

Eight years ago, that perception changed, when Axxon Research surveyors discovered several unique biological specimens on the system’s lone terrestrial planet. Their Biotech and Pharmaceutical Departments hastily set up a pair of research stations to determine the usefulness and profitability of this discovery. One is a small orbiting station; the other is a closed-environment bunker that on and under the planet’s surface.

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While the orbiting station serves as a fairly traditional laboratory, the bunker was constructed as a less traditional biodome/greenhouse facility. The majority of the bunker’s lab, storage, and living spaces lie underground, while a unique pair of self-contained open growth modules rise to the surface.

UPDATE: As of CR-717-085, communication with both facilities have ceased. It is not yet known whether the problem is communication-related, or something more catastrophic. Axxon Research would issue no comment at this time, and their planned rescue/repair response is unknown.

UPDATE: On CR-717-115, long-range Commonwealth observers recorded a minor gravitational disturbance on the planet Obsita. Measurements are consistent with a small planetary impact. The relationship of this event to the Axxon Research situation.

UPDATE: On CR-717-121, the Commonwealth Trade Authority issued a standard sector-wide warning that unlicensed salvage actions will not be tolerated in the Obsita System or elsewhere. In the same transmission, a representative stated that Obsita-related rescue efforts should be left to an officially designated joint Axxon-Commonwealth response team (currently being assembled).

Stellar Data

At the core of the Obsita system lie three main sequence stars, of unusually similar size, mass, brightness, and composition.

  • Alpha Obsita A (K2 V: Orange-yellow main-sequence star)
  • Alpha Obsita B (K2 V: Orange-yellow main-sequence star)
  • Alpha Obsita C (K2 V: Orange-yellow main-sequence star)

Planets, Satellites, and noteworthy Stations

  • Obsita (yellowish, ammonia-heavy atmosphere; lush jungles)
    • Obsita Science Station (Axxon Research)
    • Obsita Science Bunker/Biodome (Axxon Research)
    • CSS-P2 (H2 gas giant)
    • CSS-P3 (H2 gas giant)
    • CSS-PD5 (H2 planetoid; massive gas giant)

Other Notable Features


Obsita System

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