Khed Ahul System

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Khed Ahul is the only sizeably populated system in the Crossroads Sector that still openly claims independence from Commonwealth rule.

Traditionally, the peoples of the tribal Khed have been vocally and violently opposed to outside rule. They are—as a whole—extremely territorial, and maintain that Khed raiding parties have the right to prey upon any ships entering the Khed sphere of influence.

They are not universally sinister, however. The Khed place a high value on personal honor, and show respect to those they feel have earned it. Some brave traders successfully carry out lucrative business in the Khed territories, and some worlds have been able to call on groups of Khed warriors (sometimes as loyal mercenaries, and sometimes as true allies) in times of need.

The Commonwealth knows that the fight for Khed Ahul would be an extremely costly one (with little to gain; Khed Ahul is extremely resource-poor), and have thus far settled for keeping them under control through various treaties, compromises, and subterfuge. They maintain an active military presence just outside Khed territory (to discourage expansion), and will occasionally go so far as to escort trader caravans through Khed territory.

Khed Ahul System

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