Terran Commonwealth

Terrans, Terra Normans
“The Solari Ascendant”

After the Commonwealth’s early boom of territorial expansion in the Norma Arm, the Senate faced difficulty in adjusting to its sudden decentralization. With an overstretched military and a woefully insufficient civilian infrastructure, leaders turned to private corporations. Dozens of companies grew wealthy beyond measure on lucrative government contracts, gaining an influential and inexorable power base within the government itself.

Today, a strong military and police presence in the Commonwealth’s central sectors keep a strict peace. Customs officials on the tradelanes keep tax and tariff credits rolling in. But outside the core worlds, Commonwealth forces no longer have the resources to intervene in minor planetary affairs. Thus the Terran iron fist has largely given way to either planetary leadership or corporate dominance.

On the distant border and frontier sectors, the government maintains a token presence at best, and it’s crystal clear to every visitor, from the moment they step off a transport, exactly which corporation, criminal organization, or “Don’t Tread On Me”-minded planetary government has staked their claim and is calling the shots.

Commonwealth legislation has finally come to recognize, albeit reluctantly, this tiered system of mutual governance:

“Planetary laws are the matter of the local government: note that planetary laws have no authority over the person or property of a Commonwealth representative, who are legally Sovereign Individuals: that is, they are effectively outside the authority of any planetary nation. Nor do planetary laws have any authority over personnel under the employ of the Commonwealth. Finally all Commonwealth laws supersede all planetary laws. Following Commonwealth custom, planetary authority stops at the 100-diameter limit. System-wide governments are discouraged, excepting those created by the Senate itself.

United Provinces of Chi Tan

The Tan, Houses
“The Five Houses Wait”

Early separatists from the Commonwealth; these long-storied nations now coexist within their own delicate sphere of advanced technology and traditional feudalism.

Abyloid Union

Unioners, The Deep Hundred
“The Union Forever”

These rugged miners won their independence by outlasting the Commonwealth in a hundred year war. But the price was high. With frail bodies that are no longer quite human, they strive to reforge a path to greatness through mental powers and cybernetic augmentation.

Warrens of Murdimata

Rats, Warreners
“These Warrens They Have No End”

From their planet-spanning warrens, these rat-men have risen to become masters of starship engineering and tradelane economics.

J’skkt J’tj’r Empire

Centipedes, ’Pedes
“The Silk Spinning Always, A Glorious Tapestry”

With their strange language and culture, the proud warriors of the J’skkt have encountered great difficulties establishing and maintaining relations with their neighbors in the Norma Arm. This challenge has been compounded by the traditionalism of the ruling and functionary castes of the J’tj’r Empire, who tend toward isolationism and xenophobia. But, here in the Norma Arm, J’skkt warriors have found foes worthy of respect, and J’skkt merchants and craftsmen have joined their non-centipedal counterparts in facilitating the exchange of culture and technology.

Since ending a long and bloody war with the Terran Commonwealth centuries ago, the J’skkt have settled into a period of relative peace. The aggressive warrior caste’s occasional campaign against bands of bandits and raiders has perhaps helped to keep their bloodlust from boiling over into open, nation-to-nation war.

Aquan Thalassocracy

Fish, Piscari
“From the Deep, With Measure”

The Aquan Circle steers their society toward peace and prosperity, but they have suffered much at the hands of more ambitious races…

House of Song

“Between Four Walls”

The smallest of the Chi Tan’s Five Houses; simultaneously a nation and a multi-system corporation.

The Junkers


Roving bands of human scavengers that hide away in every bustling trade system’s nooks and crannies, combing the tradelanes for whatever discarded scrap will make them a few credits. Although deeply loyal to one another, their moral code is… flexible when dealing with outsiders. They are generally stereotyped as cheats and thieves by the rest of the Terran Commonwealth’s spacefaring population.

TyrMech Salvage & Prospect

Small but successful corporation that operates a collection of mines and factories, primarily on the outskirts of the Terran Commonwealth.

Grim Navigators

A small but competent, independent, and racially diverse mercenary company.

Gaian Front

Human anti-terraforming activists/terrorists.

Temple of True Sol

Cult promoting a mass human exodus back to Sol, refusing to believe in its destruction.


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