Here’s a list of classes (from D20 Modern and Future, Traveller20, and maybe a few homebrew) appropriate for this campaign/universe. If you have a character concept that doesn’t match an existing class, let’s talk about it.

Basic Classes

Standard d20 Modern class rules here; you start as one of these basic ability-centric classes, then raise skills, pick feats, etc. that will carry you toward an advanced level goal a few levels from now.

  • Strong Hero
  • Fast Hero
  • Tough Hero
  • Smart Hero
  • Dedicated Hero
  • Charismatic Hero

Advanced Classes

Once you meet the requirements (usual BAB or skill related), you can choose an advanced class. I’ve left most of the d20 Modern and Future classes in and available, as well as including some T20 classes that I convert if anyone really loves one for their character.

From d20 Modern

  • Bodyguard
  • Daredevil (Well I guess you could take this, but all those points in Drive that don’t apply to spaceships would be a pretty huge waste. I guess you could ride your dirt bike in little circles around the freight hold.)
  • Field Medic
  • Field Scientist
  • Gunslinger
  • Infiltrator
  • Investigator
  • Martial Artist (Try if you want… But remember how a low-level 3.5 monk took like ten levels to not suck? Well, that was just in pointy stick land. This is pew pew country.)
  • Negotiator
  • Personality
  • Soldier
  • Techie

From d20 Future

  • Ambassador
  • Dogfighter (Lots of starship bonuses; perfect for a dedicated pilot, if you have one)
  • Dreadnought (Please me know WELL in advance if you fancy being a Dreadnaught, or for that matter, if you have any interest whatsoever in power armor. In the Norma Arm, power armor does exist, but you wouldn’t really expect to see it anywhere but in a elite military unit on a core world. You’ll have to do some questin’)
  • Engineer
  • Explorer
  • Field Officer
  • Helix Warrior (You can try to talk me into it, but genetically engineered supermen don’t really fit into my idea of a rugged space truckin’ frontier. You’d have to weave a pretty convincing backstory.)
  • Space Monkey
  • Swindler
  • Technosavant (I’m reluctantly leaving this one in, but you’d have to earn the cybernetic-related skills through questing, unless you’re a cybernetic-focused ambyloid.)
  • Tracer
  • Xenophile

From Traveller20

Classes I could conceivably convert, if anyone’s interested. A few are pretty cool and unique; the ones with strikethrough are close enough to an existing d20 class that I wouldn’t want bother converting without a really good reason.


  • Academic (Pretty close to d20 Investigator with good knowledge skills)
  • Army (Ground-trained soldier; a couple intriguing squad-based abilities, but if you’re interested I’d rather just convert those abilities to a standard Soldier)
  • Barbarian (From low-tech society. Might be a survivalist, or skilled at some simple craft. But the character concept revolves around being a technophobe; in fact, they can’t take any more barbarian levels if they get too much book-learnin’)
  • Belter (As in “asteroid belt.” Rugged miners and prospectors; interesting class with a sweet name; very specific asteroid-drillin’, ore sellin’ skills)
  • Marine (Space/ship-trained soldier; same as Army; a couple of cool ideas but I’d rather convert the individual skills to an existing d20 combat class)
  • Mercenary (Ex-military, versatile combatant; some decent shootin’ and dodgin’ abilities; I’ll leave it on the list but it’s nothing that special)
  • Merchant (Trader, good with spacebucks, good contacts; info gathering; with the right starting career, you could probably make a Swindler do the same thing)
  • Navy (Military spacecraft specialists; good with good leadership abilities on a starship bridge; good at jumping on damage control; nixing them for the same reason as Army/Marine. If you have one of these military background I’ll find a way to get you some of these customizations)
  • Noble (Diplomat; social connections, connections, wealth; nothing you couldn’t do with an d20 Ambassador)
  • Professional (Skilled hands-on professional; could be doctor, engineer, scientist, etc. In fact its mechanics are so wide open to so many careers that I’d just as soon not deal with the complication.)
  • Rogue (See: every rogue ever. And there are enough sneaky classes already.)
  • Scout (Explorer, semi-generalist; not really enough substance to bother with)
  • Traveller (Seasoned, well-traveled jack-of-all trades; colorful enough concept that I’ll leave it in; gets a chance to communicate a concept without knowing the language, cross-class skill boosts, a rep bonus due to friends and associates scattered around various systems, etc.)


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