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  • Skritch

    Not even a massive pair of servo-goggles can hide the gleam in Skritch's eye when he's elbow-deep in the guts of a starship.

  • Hank "Grizzly" Collins

    Loves: An honest day's pay for an honest day's work. Competent crewmen. Hates: Sloppy maintenance routines. Uppity whippersnappers. Bestial Raiders. Watered down ale.

  • TP-810 "Teapot"

    With speed and courtesy, TP-810--known to his crew-mates as "Teapot"--cheerfully serves as Steward aboard the tramp freighter _Farmer's Daughter_. When he isn't cooking or tending to passengers, he cheerfully lends his internal diagnostic suite, gravity- …

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