This plump Murdi's fur and jumpsuit are stained slick greenish-brown, the sign of a mechanic who doesn't go stingy with the ultragrease. He's got enthusiasm, experience, and a pulse, which puts him three legs up on your last mechanic.


Murdi Male Smart Hero 2 (NPC)

Size: Small
Height: 3’ 1"
Weight: 70 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Greenish-brown (stained)
Skin: Pink


  • Utility jumpsuit, with stitched-in chemical/radiation sensor
  • Tool harness (carrying compact mechanical and electronics toolkits, along with an * assortment of abrasives, epoxies, and hand-tools common to starship maintenance.
  • Precision servo-goggles
  • Auto-wrench


  • Common
  • Queekish
  • Rodent


  • Current ship and crew
  • Informal brotherhood of Murdi ship jockeys
  • Bio:

    Not even a massive pair of servo-goggles can hide the gleam in Skritch’s eye when he’s elbow-deep in the guts of a starship.


    Trades of Terra Norma trustywren